Heating Unit Service, Sales, Installation


A properly maintained heating system is achieved by having your heating system tuned up and cleaned by our service department on a yearly basis. Preventative maintenance for your heating system is essential to ensure your heating system will perform at its peak during the coldest winter days and avoid after hours call outs for service or no heat.

An Annual Tune Up can more than pay for itself in fuel consumption alone.

To schedule an annual tune up, please call our office at 610-767-5181 and we will schedule your service. Real Deal Oil Company sells and installs a variety of heating systems and heating system components designed to best suit your need and budget. Call us today for a free estimate.

Todays boilers and furnaces are more energy efficient than ever, utilizing new technologies and smarter controls to make more heat with less fuel and deliver clean, efficient comfort. Real Deal Oil Company is a dealer Thermodynamics, EFM, and Peerless.